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And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14

Get My Ministry Involved in Movements

Since the early 1990s, nearly one percent of the world’s population has come to Christ in a church-planting movement.  Many of these movements are happening in areas of the world that have traditionally been most resistant to the gospel. Not only are people making commitments to Christ, but many of these areas are seeing radical societal change as people are beginning to obey Jesus. It is obvious that God is moving in unique ways as the close of history nears.

The vision of the 24:14 Community is to help you start multiplicative movements of disciples and churches in the areas your ministry touches.  Movements are touching all spheres of society (religious, business, medical, sports, entertainment, etc). The 24:14 Community can help you pursue multiplicative ministry that transforms society.

The 4 Stages of Movements

Everyone Contributes to See the Kingdom Come

While “lost” people abound everywhere in the world, “saved” people are only plentiful in areas where God’s Spirit has moved and the church has been established. Yet it takes these “saved” people to go to the next place of lostness…whether it is down the street or across the world (Acts 1:8).

In this article (Steve Smith, Neill Mimms, Mark Stevens) shares the relevance of every stage the church progresses through and how we can all reengage a calling to see the lost reached. Every church, regardless of church structure, can take steps to move towards starting new movements locally, regionally, and globally.

Movement Primer

Learn about what God is doing in the earth through church-planting movements, what unreached people groups are, why 24:14 exists and where we still need to work.

Help My Ministry Start Movements


For church leaders wanting to get involved with movements, reaching the lost and see the Great Commission fulfilled.


For leaders or decision-makers of an organization that are inspired by church-planting movements and want to explore making multiplicative disciple-making a key part of what they do.

Get My Ministry Praying for Movements

Join a global network of organizations and individual intercessors praying for unreached people groups and the 24:14 Vision.

Be A Part Of The Community

Movements happen when everyone takes responsibility for what they can do.  

As a part of the 24:14 Community, you are partnering with others to fully reach the unreached peoples and places of the earth through church planting movement strategies, engaging them with urgent sacrifice by 2025 (why 2025?), and collaborating with others in the 24:14 movement.

Contribute to 24:14 Projects

Join in giving with other individuals and member organizations that contribute to 24:14 Vision projects that help fulfill the Great Commission.