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And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14

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For church leaders wanting to get involved with movements, reaching the lost, and seeing the Great Commission fulfilled.


For leaders or decision-makers of an organization that are inspired by church-planting movements and want to explore making multiplicative disciple making a key part of what they do.

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People believe the gospel because someone, usually a trusted person, shares the gospel with them.  The greatest potential for Kingdom impact is when a local church gets the vision for every member being a disciple-maker, every home a micro-church community and the local gathered church a missions sending organization.  The Church can change the world.

Experience Life Church in Lubbock, Texas baptized 10,000 people in the first ten years of their existence.  Yet when Pastor Chris Galanos decided to seek God for a promise for the next ten years, he felt like God asked him an impossible question: “What if I wanted you to reach one million people?”  That question prompted a journey for Experience Life. Follow the journey on their blog.

WoodsEdge Church in Houston, Texas in many ways looks like many US churches…until you look at their mission. WoodsEdge has committed to start five domestic and five international multi-generational church-planting movements and gives 50% of their funds to ministry “outside the walls.’  Pastor Jeff Wells describes the vision here.

At our London 24:14 formation meeting, a group of churches gathered together to ask “what can we do to mobilize the church for the Great Commission?” From that meeting, the Engage the Islands initiative was born.  Led out by the Antioch Movement of Churches, Engage the Islands showed what a coalition of churches can do to impact a region with the gospel.

My Church Wants To Begin The Journey

Ready to dive in?  Or just testing the water? We have put together some resources that you can explore at your own pace and learn how your church can be a part of the greatest story in history! Whether you’re still exploring or ready to the next step, click below to find out more.

Help My Organization Start Movements

The women and men that have gone before us are worthy of honor. The labor they have invested in Kingdom work, partnered with the Holy Spirit, has brought us to this point in history. Now, as we look forward, many organizations are longing to be effective at disciple making and fulfilling the Great Commission.

The wave of church-planting movements that has begun to inundate the globe has brought some organizations to consider if the Holy Spirit might be leading them to realign their organizational objectives in light of the amazing things God is doing in the earth. Kent Parks, CEO of Beyond tells us why his organization decided to focus one-hundred percent of their efforts on starting movements.

My Organization Wants to Begin the Journey

Ready to dive in?  Or just testing the water? We have put together some resources that you can explore at your own pace and learn how your organization can be a part of catalyzing movements worldwide! These resources will share with you the journey others have made, invite you to learn from others in your region, and give you access to the training and coaching help that you may be looking for.

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