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Movement Catalysts

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14

A Global Revolution In Missionary Training Is Underway

CPM Hubs are catalytic learning environments facilitated by experienced movement mentors. These mentors apprentice and coach participants to become movement catalysts, reaching the local community while preparing to engage the next place of “lostness.”

The Hub Network Breakdown

Watch the video below to understand more of our vision behind hubs. You can also click the “learn more” button to download an informative PDF document.

Are Hubs Effective?

Want to dive deep? We did a research survey on hubs and came to some conclusions. Take a look at the training concepts in-depth and why we are promoting them.

CPM Mission Training Survey

May 2018

Ethne Report on CPM Hubs

December 2018

Why Join the Hubs Network?

24:14 is networking these global hubs together for the purpose of finding and filling the global training gaps, finding fruitful practices and networking trainers. Ultimately, we are looking to form a global network of training hubs that can serve the body of Christ, no matter which organization is sponsoring it.

If you know of a CPM Training Hub that we may not be aware of, or if you are currently running a CPM Training Hub that you want to network with the 24:14 Hubs network, click the button below.


Start a Hub in Your Movement or Church

CPM Training Hubs help us train movement catalysts to go to the next place that has not been engaged with a church-planting movement. If you are interested in starting a CPM Training Hub in your movement, church, or organization and would like help, contact us here.

Join an Existing Hub

Need to ask a question about hubs? Want to join an existing hub to be trained to start movements?

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