Join A Global Community To Finish the Great Commission

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14


Get trained to help catalyze and sustain movements outside the area in which you live.
March 2-6 Houston TX

The Problem: The Task Is Too Big to Do Alone

29% of the World Has No Access to the Gospel Message

And the bad news gets worse: that number is actually growing day by day. Overall the church’s efforts have not kept pace with population growth year by year!

The good news? God has been blessing a strategy of multiplicative movements of disciples and churches, eclipsing population growth and exploding world-wide, but especially in areas that have been most resistant to the Gospel.

The Solution: A Community Collaborating around Multiplication

To engage every unreached people and place on Earth, our community must utilize strategies for multiplicative movements of disciples-making-disciples and churches-planting churches, we must collaborate with others in the community, and work with urgent sacrifice until the Great Commission is accomplished.

The 24:14 Community exists to accomplish this God-sized task by fostering a volunteer network of God’s people working together. That’s what 24:14 is all about – working together to engage every unreached people and place with movement efforts by 2025. (why 2025?)

Want to know more about these multiplicative church-planting movements?

How You Can Get Involved

Whether you are already starting movements, supporting others that are starting movements, or trying to figure out how to start movements, 24:14 is the global community of which you want to be a part. Believers around the world are starting movements to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission at a historical pace not seen since the days of the early church. Find where you fit!

I am a Movement Catalyst or Leader

I am already involved in starting church-planting movements.
I am interested in:

  • Accessing global movement data and report on what’s happening in my region
  • Connecting with other movement leaders in my region
  • Connecting with or starting training hubs
  • Receiving and/or providing training
  • Receiving resources for starting movement engagements

How can I connect to the 24:14 Community?

I am a Church or Organization Leader

My ministry is involved in the Great Commission.
I am interested in:

  • Getting my ministry actively involved in movements
  • Having my organization pray for movements
  • Reaching my city/region with the gospel
  • Teaching my ministry how to start movements

How can we take the next step to being involved in movements?

I am an Individual

I believe in the importance of the Great Commission, and I want to get more involved.
I’m interested in:

  • Learning about the Great Commission and movements
  • Advocating for my church/organization to get involved
  • Beginning to reach others in my city
  • Learning how to engage the lost
  • Joining a movement in my area or in another country

How can I get involved?

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