About Us

And What inspired us

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
Matthew 24:14

Our Vision

No more unreached peoples and places – every person with access to the gospel and the church in every tribe, tongue, nation, language and place

Our Mission

Kingdom movements in every unreached people and place

Our Initial Goal

By December 31, 2025, that every unreached people group and place would be engaged by believers seeking to start a kingdom movement

Statement of Faith

24:14 believes in the Lausanne Covenant Statement of Faith. If you would like to read it, you may do so here.


Our Core Principles

24:14 is a community of movement leaders, churches, mission agencies and individuals that are all collaborating together on the Matthew 24:14 vision. As a community, we affirm the unique gifting and calling of every organization and seek to provide information, resources and coordination to facilitate more effective and strategic kingdom movement engagement. We seek to:


Reach the Unreached

We are dedicated to fully reach the UNREACHED peoples and places of the earth.

Engage Them By 2025

With URGENT SACRIFICE, our initial goal is to engage by 2025 every unreached people and place with believers starting a movement. What does this entail? Why 2025?

Implement CPM Strategies

We are committed to engaging the lost with CHURCH-PLANTING MOVEMENT strategies.

Work As A Community

We COLLABORATE with others in the 24:14 community so we can make progress together.

​​​”It was an exuberantly wonderful experience to be together with men and women at 24:14 who are committed to completing the Great Commission in this generation.”

JV Mukul
CPM Catalyst India

“What will the last generation look like—the one that finishes the Matthew 24:14 race? What will it take for Acts-like movements to stir again in every unreached place? The last lap of the race has started and 24:14 is rallying our hearts to this last sacrificial push for the glory the King and His Kingdom.”

Steve Smith
Co-facilitator of the 24:14 Coalition, Movement Catalyst, and Author

“This was the most focused “band of brothers and sisters” willing to rise together to ignite Kingdom movements among every people at all cost.”

Mary Ho
All Nations

“We have united our hearts. I am so excited that the last two days the focus has been on how to accelerate movement building among the nations so that church planting movements, leadership development, collaboration, intentional working together of the body of Christ, will help accelerate the fulfillment of the Great Commission among every people group and in every nation.”

Bekele Shanko
GACX (Global Alliance of Church Multiplication) and Vice President, CRU

“Urgency found a friend in the 24:14 summits!”

Kevin Greeson
Global Gates and author

“24:14 is going to allow us to take a next big step in completing the Great Commission…It is the most granular attempt ever to start movements of disciples and churches in every people group in every place.”

Curtis Sergeant

“I’m feeling a fresh wind of co-laboring around Kingdom movements that’s blowing across organizational lines. It’s time for Kingdom big, organization small.”

Dan E

“The main calling of the church is not to participate in the Great Commission but to win. The task of vision (year) 2025 is great; but our God who makes it happen is greater. For vision 2025 to happen, every individual, church, denomination and organization must willingly commit to sacrificial collaboration because it is not about us but it is all about God and about the lost.”

Aychi- Ethiopia Movements Leader

“With all of the great things God is doing around the world, we are still losing ground. We will not reach the world without multiplication. We need the whole church to be fully engaged — praying, going, giving – being all in – to finish the task by the year 2025. Please lock arms with us for Christ’s sake.”

Jeff Wells
Senior Pastor, Woodsedge Community Church and author

“There has been no better atmosphere than the present for collaboration towards a shared vision to see Kingdom movements everywhere matched with the faith and urgency to do something about it. I believe 24:14 provides a catalyst for existing networks like Vision 5:9 to more effectively accomplish our mission.”

John Becker
Vision 5:9 and AIM

“The amazing thing has been the humility of the leaders here…that are known nationally and internationally. We left all of our egos and logos long before we ever got here. What’s most marked me is the love for Jesus Christ that other people in the room have evidenced. Our love for the Savior is the only thing that can fuel us sacrificing ourselves and being all in for the task He’s called us to.”

Kurt Nelson
CEO, East-West Ministries

“My heart’s been stirred again to realize that we can see every person on planet Earth hear about Jesus, have a chance to plant a church, and change the world in our lifetime. Everybody pulling together with one heart and one mind can see God do what He promised would happen. Won’t you join us this incredible journey as we go on to fulfill Matthew 24:14 in our lifetime?”

Jimmy Seibert
Senior Pastor, Antioch Community Church and President of AMI, and author 

“All involved had already seen the “impossible” happen of God launching movements of multiple thousands of rapidly reproducing disciples and churches in many hard places.  When He gave us His call to see the same “impossible” happen among all unreached segments within a few years, the collective commitments were made immediately, joyfully and in sober awareness of the sacrifice required.”

Kent Parks
CEO, Beyond 

“All involved had already seen the “impossible” happen of God launching movements of multiple thousands of rapidly reproducing disciples and churches in many hard places.  When He gave us His call to see the same “impossible” happen among all unreached segments within a few years, the collective commitments were made immediately, joyfully and in sober awareness of the sacrifice required.”

Kent Parks
CEO, Beyond

“We are experiencing John 17 unity so that all the peoples would worship Jesus.”

Andy Kampman
Launch Global

“24:14 is a network of unity and diversity – Unity in Christ and diversity in tactics. The principles that guide us never change, but the creativity of our working out of our faith will ensure a new generation of movement leaders. Come and learn with us as we engage and enjoy unity and diversity.”

David Watson
24:14 Coalition Member

“It is good to worship and fellowship together among our own brothers who are in the same line doing movement work. I am not alone. There are 500 other movements. That was exciting.”

Kumar Pillai
Movement Leader – No Place Left South Asia

“It’s possible to finish the remaining task with collaboration and networking.”

Aila Tasse
Lifeway Mission – East Africa CPM Network

“I’m unwilling to go to my grave handing off the baton to a new generation knowing that my generation saw more people on their way to hell than any other generation in history. The wealthiest, most resourced generation in history has become the least effective. 24:14 allows me to put my shoulder to the plow and say at least I tried and maybe even my efforts helped finish the efforts to bring 6,500 UPGs to ZERO.”

Roy Moran
Senior Pastor, Shoal Creek Community Church and author

“We’ve had a lot of plans to evangelize the world over the years. What we need in this day and age is a diligent focus to bring all of our focus and all of our resources together to actually achieve it. I hope by 2025 that this effort will really focus us down into doing what’s necessary to pay the cost to see that happen.”

Justin Long
Director of Global Research, Beyond

“For the first time in history a generation is poised to steward gospel/church fires among every people group target on the planet. An awareness of this stewardship, and a platform for its propagation among the millennial generation…this is why I am committed to the 24:14 effort.”

Nathan Shank
Affinity Group Leader, International Mission Board 

“Perhaps the thing that touches me most about the unreached peoples are our brothers and sisters in Christ who put their own lives on the line, their families’ lives on the line, for the sake of the gospel, so they can see the Great Commission fulfilled in their people group. They’re the heroes on the front lines and we get to be a part of serving them.”

Dan Hitzhusen
Global Church Planting Strategist at The Issachar Initiative 

“I’ve just been shocked and encouraged to see how many people are still at this task, to say we really are serious about every people group having the gospel and having a movement—to hear results that we have over 500 movements.”

Daniel Mills

“We are struggling to keep up with the population growth in terms of people reached. But it’s exciting, on the other hand, because of the number of movements we are hearing about and the progress that is happening. And then to see a group of people coming together around the concept of movements and thinking we really can, if we bond together, if we’ll sacrifice as the body of Christ, we can see this happen!”

Don Steadman
Global Director for Antioch Ministries International 

“I find a strong sense among the participants of taking down the barriers between our organizations, working collaboratively as one Church, cooperating with each other, sharing resources. It’s something we’ve got to do.”

Ray Kuntz
Executive Director, GACX (Global Alliance of Church Multiplication) 

“I am thrilled that we are now seeing a coalition of Christians unified in reaching the unreached that is truly international in scope with representation from every continent contributing to the effort as equal partners.”

Hal Cunnyngham
International Missions Board

“I am convinced what Jesus did on the cross was sufficiently powerful to reach any generation.”

Team Expansion 

“To be in a room with men and women who suffer well to reach the lost has given me strength and motivation to continue.”

Worker in Iran

“The missions community seems to me to have come to a place where we are ready to take on the giant. Not in terms of talk, but in our commitment to work together for His Name’s sake.”

B. Kumar
Co-chair, SEALINK (Southeast Asia Unreached Peoples Network)

“We are not talking denomination but KINGDOM BUILDING!”

Edwin Caruana
Blue Med 

“I get more convicted that through these collaborative efforts (of movements) we can see all people groups on earth experience a great movement of the Kingdom of God.”

Henry Lee
Frontiers Korea 

“Bringing together those with experience and expertise in starting movements with those who share a desire to see them start in their location is immensely exciting. Collaborating must be the way forward.”

A Brother in the Arabian Peninsula 

“It was great to meet with 30 people so passionate and committed to the task of initiating movements among the unreached. The reality is that the challenge of the Great Commission applies to the whole world in each generation. It was the first conference I have attended where it was publically admitted that we are actually going backwards as global population growth exceeds the growth of the church so the number of unreached is getting bigger not smaller.”

Steff Nash
GCPN (Global Church Planting Network)

“I was struck by the urgency and expectation which was palpable in the room, to believe that it is possible with God’s grace and direction to let all peoples know who Jesus is and have the invitation to follow Him. We spoke of cost, sacrifice but all for the joy set before us. We are better together and the group that met are united to collaborate together for the sake of the Kingdom. It is a privilege to be a part of such a call from God for this hour.”

Jenny Oliphant
Ethne Prayer Strategy Group 

“The 24:14 vision of engaging all the unreached peoples and places is an impossible task! That makes me confident it is God’s idea. God is working in us as His Global Body to  sacrifice to bring the gospel to those who have never heard.”

Stan Parks
VP Global Strategies, Beyond and Ethne CPM Facilitator 

Our History

24:14 came to fruition following two international summits where we asked leaders from missions organizations, churches, networks and movements that were already committed to reaching the unreached through CPMs from around the world a simple question:


“What will it take or cost to pray and work together to start kingdom movements in every unreached people and place in our generation?”

The Holy Spirit moved 24:14 Summit attendees to humbly pursue a unified effort to engage the unreached specifically through church-planting movements (CPMs) with sacrificial urgency by 2025. Since these initial meetings, we’ve launched a global coalition of like-minded organizations, churches and believers—known as 24:14—to see this God-sized vision fulfilled between now and December 31, 2025.


Frequently Asked Questions

 Who Are You?

We are not an organization. We are a community of like-minded organizations, churches and believers who have made a commitment to a vision (to engage every unreached people and place with an effective kingdom movement strategy by December 31, 2025) based on four primary principles (above).

Our community has formed a “lean backbone” structure to aid us in collaborating together. This structure exists to serve the interests of the community and further the glory of God on the earth. However, 24:14 is the members in the community, not the structure.

Why Are You Called 24:14?

Matthew 24:14 is the cornerstone of this initiative. Jesus promised: “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations (ethne), and then the end will come.” Our focus is to participate in seeing the gospel go to every people group on earth. We long to be in the generation that finishes what Jesus began and other faithful workers before us have given their lives to. We know that Jesus waits to return until every people group has had an opportunity to respond to the gospel and become part of His Bride.

Are you setting 2025 as the year that all nations will be reached?

No, our goal is to engage every unreached people and place with an effective kingdom movement strategy by December 31, 2025. This means that a team (local or expat or combination) equipped in movement strategy will be on location in every unreached people and place. There is no implication related to a date that the task will be finished. That is God’s responsibility. God determines when movements take off.

Why do you feel such urgency in moving this forward?

2000 years have passed since Jesus spoke the Great Commission. 2 Peter 3:12 tells us to “hasten the day of his return.” Psalm 90:12 tells us to number our days. A group of 24:14 founders waited on the Lord and asked if we should set a deadline or not. We felt Him telling us that by setting an urgent deadline, we could make wiser use of our time and make the sacrifices needed to fulfill the vision.

Why are you advocating rapid multiplication? Doesn’t that increase the possibility for heresy?

Actually, heresy is generally less prevalent in movements because of the very interactive nature of discipleship. Heresy is a seed the enemy sows among groups of believers whether they are a part of movements or traditional churches. The question is not whether the enemy will sow such problems but whether we are equipping disciples and churches to guard against false teachings and address them when they arise. Even the New Testament church faced such challenges, but equipping believers to rely on scripture as their authority and study the Scripture together as the body (as in Acts 17:11) helps guard against creative and eloquent false teachers. A focus on obedience-based discipleship instead of knowledge-based discipleship also protects against heresy. In other words, disciples are not just committed to gaining knowledge, but the measure of their discipleship is obedience to that knowledge.

Are you trying to get all missions organizations to align around your strategy?

No, we recognize that God has called many churches, mission organizations and networks to specialized ministries. The 24:14 Coalition is composed of people and organizations that either have the desire to be or have been successful catalysts of movements. Various organizations and practitioners have unique methods and tools but all of us share many of the same CPM distinctives. These are strategies based on trying to apply the disciple making and church formation we see in the gospels and the book of Acts in modern contexts.

Aren't movements just a fad?

There have been movements throughout history including ones found in the book of Acts, the Celtic movement led by Saint Patrick, the Moravian movement, the Wesleyan movement, the Welsh revival, etc. This new wave of movements began in 1994 and is increasing exponentially through today with over 700 identified movements.

There have been other attempts to get people to collaborate on finishing the Great Commission. What is different about 24:14?

24:14 builds on these other good initiatives. Some of the previous ones helped the global church reach certain milestones (e.g. adopting people groups). 24:14 is about finishing what others have started by catalyzing movements that can reach entire people groups and places in a sustained manner. The 24:14 coalition is partnering with other networks like Ethne, Finishing the Task, GACX, GCPN, Vision 5:9, etc. One distinctive is that 24:14 is led by church planting movement leaders.  Another factor is that experience in movements (particularly among the unreached) has increased substantially, resulting in much-improved “best practices.”